PayPal Innovation Lab Launch 2016

Launch during the FinTech Xchange in 2016, PayPal Innovation Lab will be focusing on 3 pillars - Productivity, Innovation & Education. PayPal aims to give back to the community by helping Singapore's SMEs and Start-ups increase productivity and efficiency.  

Knowledge of future payment methods are also being shared with industries professionals and attendees, to allow them to understand how PayPal will play a part in their future businesses as well as to groom the next generation of FinTech talents.

To provide an overview of the various programmes available, we designed the events into 3 different zones - for the SMEs, Start-ups (Incubator Zones) & Research and Development. The SMEs Zone are being held in a light-hearted cafe settings, while Start-ups (Incubator Zone) features a garage setting to illustrate their new and organic ideas. A futuristic zone is created for the Research & Development area to portray the future of payments.