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Google Developer Days 2017

An annual global event, Google Developer Days aim to showcase the latest developer products and platforms from Google to aid in the growth of high quality apps, which will help developers grow and retain an active user base. Seminars and Conferences on various topics such as Android, AR/VR, and other innovative technologies are also being held.  

To steer away from the ordinary conference and exhibition set up, our creative team from Mills Singapore brainstorm a concept -

"To Bring The Outdoor Excitement Indoors!"   

Inspired by the culture and lifestyle of Google, we decided to build our ideas around the spirit of a fun and engaging community. When the word "Fun" comes to mind, we will be reminded of being outdoor in a relaxing environment where you can freely express yourself.  

With these, we decided to create a platform for self-expression by bringing the usual-outdoor-carousel indoors, creating a familiar and eye-catching centerstage where everyone will feel comfortable while networking and sharing knowledge. 

Keeping in mind the purpose of the event, our designers also integrated various areas for small discussions, focus groups to large seminars.   

Needless to say, the final product was definitely memorable!